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Brad Lichtenstein, Director, Producer, Outreach Director, and founder of 371 Productions, has been working in film and television since 1992. Early credits include associate producer of FRONTLINE’s Peabody award-winning presidential election year special, CHOICE ’96 (PBS) and, with Lumiere Productions in New York, where he worked for 7 years, associate producer of the PBS series WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE: THE RISE OF THE RELIGIOUS RIGHT IN AMERICA. Also with Lumiere he produced (with Ali Pomeroy) and directed ANDRE’S LIVES, a portrait of the “Jewish Schindler” and the DISCOVERY CHANNEL documentary SAFE, about three women who sought refuge from domestic violence in a secret safehouse. He was one of the producers of the PBS series LOCAL NEWS, about a year-in-the-life of a local news station in Charlotte, NC, and helped to organize a nation-wide outreach effort that brought news professionals into constructive dialogue with the communities they cover. In 2001 he produced (with Amanda McBaine and David Van Taylor) and directed GHOSTS OF ATTICA, a feature documentary about the infamous 1971 prison uprising and ensuing 30-year journey to justice pursued by former inmates and guards. GHOSTS OF ATTICA was awarded a Dupont-Columbia Award for Excellence in Journalism in 2002. Lichtenstein designed an outreach program for GHOSTS OF ATTICA that brings prisoners and their guards together for discussion of prison reform “with no bars between them.” During the aftermath of 9.11 he produced and directed (with David Van Taylor) the PBS documentary CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE, which chronicled the lives of three Arab New Yorkers in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. He has also produced for the weekly PBS series NOW WITH BILL MOYERS, served as consulting producer for the film ARMY OF ONE, about army recruits who joined the army after 9.11, and produced (with Lisa Gildehaus) and directed the PBS documentary ALMOST HOME, about people who live and work in a retirement community transforming the traditional institutional nursing home into a true home. Brad’s next film features DJ Spooky in WHAT WE GOT, about privatization’s encroachment on public goods. He teaches documentary film production in the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee’s film department.

Lisa Gildehaus, Co-producer, has been in film and television since 1992. Her career began at Iowa Public Television, where she produced and edited for the series LIVING IN IOWA, a weekly, statewide magazine show. She moved to Milwaukee in 1994 to wear a variety of hats while working at The Duncan Group, a production company that makes films for PBS, Discovery and other national broadcast outlets. During her four years with Duncan, she associate produced and associate edited the 13-part series MYSTIC LANDS for the Discovery Channel. She also produced, wrote and edited the 4-part educational series, CULTURES. In 1998 Lisa started her own production company, Riveting Pictures, through which she produced and directed the cult-favorite ORACLE OF OMAHA, about billionaire Warren Buffett and his legions of followers. With Riveting, she is also producing KILL IT AND COOK IT WITH LARRY, a hilarious cooking show featuring a lifelong Missouri farmer who traps and eats a wild game, and DIVINE COMEDY, a narrative short film trilogy. In her spare time, Lisa is earning her M.A. in film studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is co-producer of ALMOST HOME.

Tom Haneke, Editor, is one of the most respected documentary editors working today. He has edited films directed by David Grubin, Barbara Kopple, and Peter Davis. His very first feature, FROM MAO TO MOZART, won the Academy Award in 1980. Two other films he edited won academy awards: HE MAKES ME FEEL LIKE DANCING in 1983 and AMERICAN DREAM in 1990. His has also been awarded the Emmy in outstanding editing for his work on HE MAKES ME FEEL LIKE DANCING, the CBS special JACK, and MOTHER THERESA. His films GHOSTS OF ATTICA and the PBS series LBJ, part of THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE each won the Alfred I. Dupont-Columbia Award for Excellence in Journalism. Other PBS documentaries include ABRAHAM AND MARY TODD LINCOLN for THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE and THE RISE AND FALL OF JIM CROW, which was awarded a Peabody. When Tom is not structuring hours of footage, he teaches editing to graduate students at NYU.

Kay Klubertanz, Executive Producer, has worked in production management at Wisconsin Public Television for more than twenty years. Her work on regional and national programs includes a three-part series on the history of flight with the Smithsonian, DREAMS OF FLIGHT. In 1994 she led a video crew to Hong Kong to guide production of the national PBS pledge program, MARTIN YAN AND THE FOODS OF HONG KONG. She was Executive Producer for a positive role modeling series for children, GET REAL! She also served as Director of Wisconsin Public Television’s Green Bay production center, where most recently she executive produced CULTURAL HORIZONS OF WISCONSIN, for which she earned her fifth Emmy award. Among her current projects are SINCE 1634: IN THE WAKE OF NICOLET, a documentary on the Menominee in Wisconsin and THUNDER IN THE DELLS, both of which have been regionally broadcast. She is also working with Native American Public Telecommunications in developing the Wisconsin Project Association’s Oneida elder journals and bringing some of these stories to the screen for K-12 students and is executive producing ALMOST HOME. Klubertanz specializes in collaborating with independent producers who partner with WPT.

Vernon Reid, Composer, is a Grammy award winning guitarist, composer and boundary-bending artist who began with the downtown New York jazz/funk/punk scene, lead the pioneering multi-platinum rock band Living Colour, and has collaborated with creative spirits ranging from Carlos Santana, Public Enemy, Defunkt, and African singer Salif Keita to choreographers Bill T. Jones and Donald Byrd. For something completely different, he composed and performed “Bring Your Beats,” a children’s program for BAM. He is also a producer, making albums like “Memphis Blood: The Sun Studio Sessions” by James “Blood” Ulmer. He composed the scores for GHOSTS OF ATTICA and ALMOST HOME, and was the music supervisor for the film “Mr. 3000” starring Bernie Mac and directed by Charles Stone III. He also founded the Black Rock Coalition in 1984 to help combat the pigeonholing of African-American musicians and their music. Vernon is an expert in music and cinema history and a longtime advocate for the creative commons.

James Steinbach, Executive in Charge, is director of programming and production for Wisconsin Public Television, where he is responsible for the creation and delivery of a wide range of services throughout the state. He is also a principal architect of WPT’s conversion to digital media production and distribution. He has been involved in public television for more than 30 years, working in virtually every aspect of production and programming. Under his direction, WPT has received numerous honors, including three DuPont Columbia Awards, multiple EMMY awards, and awards from CPB, NAB, and others. He has served on advisory panels for a variety of organizations including CPB, PBS, the NSF, the NEH, and others. Steinbach’s own work has received honors including a national EMMY award, regional EMMYs, awards from Action for Children’s Television, the NAB, Parents’ Choice Magazine and others. Before coming to Wisconsin, Steinbach was senior executive producer at KTCA-TV, Twin Cities Public Television, Minneapolis-St. Paul. At KTCA, he created, produced, and executive-produced local and national programs, including Carols From King’s, American Pie, and Newton’s Apple. His previous experience also includes field directing Studio See, a ground-breaking PBS children’s series produced at South Carolina ETV.

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