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About Saint John’s

Almost Home takes place at Saint John's on the Lake in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a retirement community (independent living, assisted living and nursing home) reinventing its 135-year-old medical model of care into a social one.

Saint John’s was founded in 1868 by a group of women members of the Episcopal Church Union of Episcopal Churches. Dedicated on June 17, 1868, Saint John’s has the distinction of being Wisconsin’s first voluntary home for aging.In fact, Saint John’s also served as a shelter for women and children who were homeless. Saint John’s relocated several times throughout the 1900s as its population grew, always staying close to its roots in and near Downtown Milwaukee.

Saint John’s moved to its current location on Prospect Avenue just a few blocks from Downtown in 1979.

Over the years, Saint John’s has evolved into a continuing care communitywith 122 independent apartments, 20 assisted living apartments and 52 skilled nursing beds. In 1993, Saint John’s Communities Inc. – the corporate entity, acquired Sunrise Care Center, an independent nursing home located on Milwaukee’s south side.

A Saint John's bathroom before renovation.A Saint John's bathroom after renovation.
The cheerful bathroom on the right illustrates how Saint John's renovations create a more home-like environment for its residents.

The most recent renovation in 2004 included remodeled skilled nursing facilities in synch with “culture change” goals, a new front entrance, new chapel and a dining room offering a panoramic view of Milwaukee’s lakefront. Along with the renovation came a new campus name – Saint John’s On The Lake.

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