Person First Video Clips and Discussion Questions

Art Museum
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John and I spoke today about the misconception that a lot of family members and residents have that, once in the nursing home, it’s like a prison and residents can never leave. How do you work towards dispelling that myth? How do you teach family members & friends how to overcome the fear of doing something wrong when getting their friend or family member out of the home for an hour, a day or a weekend?

Person First Care
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  1. Even though Person First care is about the residents wants and desires, just as when they were younger living “normal” lives, nursing staff has privately told us that people would not be in a nursing home if they were not sick or in need of very specific, advanced assistance and are, therefore, no longer leading “normal” lives. To some extent, this is, of course, true. From a care-giving perspective, how do you draw the line and what concessions need to be made on both sides?
  2. How do you encourage not only nurses and nurses’ aides to participate in the development of an entirely new community but the organization as a whole? How do you get management and other residents from other sections to associate and mingle with nursing home residents? (Or the opposite how do you get nursing home residents outside their traditional walls?)
  3. There is a difference between a resident & C.N.A. or nurse knowing what someone likes to eat and knowing something about his/her history. How do you get nursing staff and residents to talk about things other than daily wants, needs, and cares? How do you encourage the nursing staff to both ask about a resident’s history and encourage staff to share something of their own lives?

Pauline: Advance Directives
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When you approach the discussion of advance directives or nursing home/end of life care with someone, what do you do when s/he refuses to discuss it or consider this lifestyle possibility (or probability)?